How To Update Plugins

How To Update Plugins

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Perform regular update on all plugins first:

  1. View a list of update available plugins
  2. Select all plugins and choose action “update”
  3. Leave page open until update process is done
  4. Plugins that failed to update, download them from or and manually update them

To update plugins “that failed to update” manually:

  1. View a list of all plugin that failed to update automatically
  2. Search the names one by one on or codecanyon (some plugins were purchased from and some from and download the plugins
  3. Make sure that you are downloading the right plugin by verifying the plugin version numbers.
  4. Start manually uploading these plugins from the admin panel one by one as if you are installing a new plugin.
  5. Re-Activate each plugin after upload complete
  6. Test functionality and test site performance over all after each update performing. One of these updates could easily break the site.
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